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Full pakke! (2012)

Three wannabe actors, requests to variety their own terror picture to grow to be celebrities. The solitary predicament is, they are not grownups also don`t undergo any connection inside the picture industry.

Film Director : Marius Sørvik

Actors : Irasj Asanti as Raner (as Irasj Azami), Unni Bergendahl as Dagny, Axel Bøyum as Axel, Hege Elsmo-Martinsen as Bestyrer, Petter Skafle Henriksen as Politi, Sven Henriksen as Karsten, Tom Realf Jensen as Egil, Helene Kvinlaug as Pia, Johan Tinus Lindgren as Johan, Erik Skøld as see more

Corona (2012)

Film Director : Alex Sander

Actors : Alex Sander as Pedro Quintana, Giovanne Taffuri as Carlos Quintana, Bruna Cristina as Leticia, Douglas Goyos as Paulo, Andressa Costa as Dessa, Rosana Caroline as Amanda, Rodrigo Dorta as Marcos, Leonardo William as Ricardo, Felipe Freitas as Nilson, Elaine Cristin as Ursula, Marcela Bitencourt as Jade, Wesley Bitencourt as Police Officer, Inglidy Santos as Whore, Douglas Strato as Roberto Quintana

Genre : Crime, Drama

Run Time : Brazil:98 min

Country see more

Keitaikanojo plus (2012)

Film Director : Shô Tsukikawa

Actors : Karin Ogino, Rina Aizawa as Kyoko, Tomomi Asa, Momoko Kaechi, Shiori Mikami, Misaki Oka, Jin Shirasu, Jun Shison as Kazuya, Hikaru Takahashi, Takuya Uda

Genre : Fantasy

Run Time : Japan:74 min

Country : Japan see more

Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road) (2012)

In a round opera of warped, image-driven episodes, five strangers inside the American West navigate overlapping landscapes of paradoxical fantasy. Constantly modifying perspective, the fractured story revolves with observation to a poet, a hitchhiker as anyways as three motel rooms. A surrealistic mishmash of sparse dialog, unsettling personalities as anyways as alienated motion graphics animation, the picture is a dreamy revision to the classic mechanism story.

In a succession of warped, image-driven episodes, five strangers inside the see more

The Modbury West Horrors (2012)

Three stories are enlightened inside the family of Modbury West. One of a round killer roaming the school, a demonic excitement inside a bathroom with at last a bank wide awake of two kith and kin pledged to a cell with main lone drive out.

Film Director : Ben Fraser

Actors : Dylan Carter as The Killer, Jesse Cowie as Himself, Jordan English as Himself, Ben Fraser as Demon / Jigsaw, Miro Novikov as Himself

Genre : Comedy

Run Time :

Country : Australia see more

Oakville (2012)

Set indoor a one and only mile radius of Lake Merritt inside the spirit of Oakland, California, reportedly one among America`s more or less ethnically dissimilar with volatile cities, `Oakville` portrays a dramatic cross-breed brand of suggestive hopes with slender dreams buoyed by the potentials of an added Administration. As the lives of two couples intersect ballot night, 2008, a effort also normal feelings with morals ensues, ghostly not hardly a vision of their current globe other than eventually of themselves.

Set inside a lone mile see more

Pacha (2012)

Film Director : Héctor Ferreiro

Actors : Límber Calle, Erika Andia Directed by Héctor Ferreiro Produced by Victoria Guerrero as. executive producer Cinematography by Juan Pablo Urioste Production CompaniesNaira Cine Country:Bolivia | MexicoLanguage:SpanishColor:Color Company:Naira Cine

Genre :

Run Time :

Country : Bolivia | Mexico see more

Ligaw (2012)

Film Director : Paolo Buera

Actors : Toffee Calma as Cenon, Keanna Reeves as Madam Aurora, Echo Caceres, Joel Molina, Kenjie Garcia, Jacob Dasco, Iqah Ponce De Leon

Genre : Mystery

Run Time :

Country : Philippines see more

Los días (2012)

Film Director : Ezequiel Yanco

Actors : Micaela Mendes, Martina Méndez, Norma Ponzio Directed by Ezequiel Yanco Writing credits Ezequiel Yanco Produced by Ezequiel Yanco as. producer Film Editing by Valeria Racioppi Sound Department Manuel de Andres as. sound Pedro Lombardi as. sound effects editor Nahuel Palenque as. foley artist Runtime:80 min Country:ArgentinaLanguage:SpanishColor:Color

Genre :

Run Time : 80 min

Country : Argentina see more

Futome no kuni no Alice (2012)

Film Director : Mika Matsukuni

Actors : Takumi Bando, Nao Eda, Mai Fukuda, Shichimasa Fukuda, Rie Hirakoba, Tomoyuki Hirota, Tomohiko Isomura as Young Teacher, Ken Jibiki, Haruna Katsumi, Kayo as Matsumoto, June Kizaki as Usagi, Chinatsu Kômoto, Eiji Leon Lee, Yûna Maesato, Yôsuke Murai, Ayako Nakagawa, Asuka Nakashiro, Momo Ogura, Kika Ohyama, Katsuyoshi Ono, Miyuki Sato, Mahiro Shimomura as Shuji, Moeka Shirai, Ayumu Tokitô, Erika Tomizawa, Sakiko Tsuruoka, Yûka Uetake, Tomohiro Waki as Alice

Genre : see more