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Frank the Assassin Goes on a Date (2013)

Frank, a bumbling hitman who seeks his most excellent inside a busy field, is oblige since his back misadventure inside this mysterious comedy. He finds himself established on a date and a supplementary had assassin detected Fay, however their courtship might shortly whirl deadly.

Frank, a bumbling hitman who seeks his paramount inside a hectic field, is give anyone a leg up for the grounds that his work with misadventure inside this shadowy comedy…

Film Director : Cameron Laventure

Actors : Erica Mann as see more

Hungry Man (2013)

A array of youngsters inside Romania in existence inside a village close take amusing in a canal along with a forest. The array evolves inside way of life inside a wholly bananas universe, slightly freely. They set off fishing bathe, mishmash around. They trust inside ideal symbiosis in addition to this nature. One daytime Constantin, segment of twelve, discovers inside the tree-plant a foreigner seriously hurt on the leg. The youngster decides to find him.

A range of adolescents inside Romania existing inside a village drawing drawing nearer see more

Koan de Printemps (2013)

Love inside its purest build is the mama of wisdom.

Film Director : Marc-Olivier Louveau

Actors : Châu Belle Dinh as Tan, Patrick Vo as Gangster, Jim Adhi Limas as Master Truong, Santi Sudaros as Tin, Jean-Claude Tran as Master Song, Tenzin Kunchap as Idiot Man, Tapa Sudana as Master Wing, Suzanne Lee as Master Wing `S Wife, Michel Chapuis as Man in Black, Fang-Hsuan Chiu as Lan

Genre : Family

Run Time : 75 min

Country : France | South Korea | Vietnam see more

Sequela (2013)

A photographer finds himself inside the chronicle of a uncomfortable writer. In apply for the cause that him to escape, he has to drive time, mind, along with reality.

Film Director : Iman Azar

Actors : Arman Ghafouriazar as Photographer

Genre : Fantasy, Mystery

Run Time : 104 min

Country : Canada see more

Chitrakar (2013)

A individual is held between his actuality as anyhow as fantasy.

Film Director : Devendra Sarkar

Actors :

Genre : Fantasy

Run Time : 75 min

Country : India see more

The Possession of Sophie Love (2013)

Film Director : Director is not available

Actors :

Genre :

Run Time :

Country : see more

Definitive Measures (2013)

Film Director : Director is not available

Actors :

Genre : Drama

Run Time :

Country : USA see more

Prodigy-man (2013)

Film Director : Xavier Cristóbal

Actors : Eva Bayona as Doctora Ribalta, Ana Escartín as Mujer embarazada, Xavier Cristóbal as Mosquetero Secreto / General Justicia / Rostro Pálido / Sargento Águila / Atracador, Monique Tremoleda as Comisario Campoy / Comandante Medusa, Albert Val as Científico 1, Enric Comas as Mr. Superviviente, José Luis Navalon as Agente CNI 1, Laia Salvador as Anita Apocalíptica, Marc Socías as Hermano de Mr. Superviviente niño, Carol Álvarez as Michèlle Lefebre, Carles Socías as Mr. see more

Max e os Dinossauros (2013)

Film Director : Director is not available

Actors :

Genre :

Run Time :

Country : see more

Across the Ice: The Greenland Victory March (2013)

In 2010 polar explorer Sebastian Copeland group a Guinness planet data kite skiing across 2500 kilometers across Greenland, this is the tale of that journey.

Film Director : Sebastian Copeland

Actors : Sebastian Copeland as Himself, Eric McNair Landry as Himself Directed by Sebastian Copeland (attached) Writing credits Sebastian Copeland Produced by Sebastian Copeland as. producer Runtime:90 min Country:USALanguage:EnglishColor:Color

Genre : Adventure

Run Time : 90 min

Country : see more