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The Imitation Game (2014)

English mathematician in addition to logician, Alan Turing, helps get to rock bottom of the Enigma set of rules at different take…

Film Director : Morten Tyldum

Actors : Benedict Cumberbatch, Allen Leech, James Northcote, Leigh Dent, Luke Hope, Grace Calder, Lauren Beacham, Harry Leonard Parkinson, Dominic Charman, Chris Cowlin, Ryan Parker

Genre : Biography, Drama, Thriller

Country : USA see more

Tokarev (2014)

When the Russian mob kidnaps the female child of a reformed criminal, he runs wakeful his older crew plus aims his own set of justice.

Film Director : Paco Cabezas

Actors : Weston Cage, Sarah Ann Schultz, Max Fowler, Judd Lormand, Paul Sampson, Dawn Hamil, Kara Riann Brown, Ron Goleman, Kadi Klausen, Patrice Cols, Jaanika Kaarpalu

Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller

Run Time : Germany:98 min

Country : USA | France see more

Year Zero (2014)

The scary account of a steamy person striving to make of his style inside the abode of Cambodia inside the 70s at several the podium in the Khmer Rouge genocide…

Film Director : Brendan Moriarty

Actors : Nhem Sokun, Joshua Fredric Smith, Scott Maguire, Massi Furlan, Nhem Sokunthol, Chiet Ukham, Robert Malone, Polo Toul, Tan Vein, Jhang Maen, Sang Roth

Genre : Adventure, Drama

Country : Cambodia see more

The Education of Tanis Kahlil (2014)

Film Director : Micky Levy

Actors : Max Lloyd-Jones, Hannah Marks, Maika Monroe, Jacob Zachar, José Zúñiga, Alisha Boe

Genre : Drama

Country : USA see more

My Name Is Vivienne (2014)

A flailing Hollywood actress is kicked out of her sugar-daddy’s mansion plus compelled to players wide awake in addition to a harassed associate plus a faithful unpaid intern, who both bail any individual out her clash to reattain her sooner than fame.

Film Director : Marjorie Cohen

Actors : Alexandria McCale, Gareth Koorzen, Kristen Corona, Femi Okusanya, Amy Rose, Sorya Atmani, Justin Powell, Marlie Jasmine

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Run Time : 94 min

Country : USA see more

The Park Bench (2014/II)

When Emily, a librarian-to-be, is arrogated to coach Mateo, a stressed undergrad, inside American Lit…

Film Director : Ann LeSchander

Actors : Walter Perez, Nicole Hayden, Stella Maeve, John Prosky, Brian Mulligan, Francisco Ovalle, Carlene Moore, Makenzie Browning, Jerry Franco, Madison Browning, Stephen Brown, Angel Ariel, Ella Raziel

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Run Time : 83 min

Country : USA see more

In Between Engagements (2014)

A technique as a faultless have a extreme time cocktail amalgamation – a prescription of four dysfunctional couples, lone splash of wedding-anxiety, in addition to a wind of uncontaminated insanity.

Film Director : Dominik Sedlar

Actors : Armand Assante, Todd W. Edwards, Sorin Brouwers, Callie Stephens, Daniel B. Strauss, Helena Sopar, Layne Manzer, Kaelan Strouse, Bernadett Belinda York, Reverend Shnorr, Davanh DiMarco, Olivia Nachampassack, Sarah Cooley

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Run Time see more

Medal of Victory (2014)

On the flow behind by accident shipping nuclear merging generates to Malawi, two AWOL military are false since effort heroes furthermore dragged into the political views of a petite town.

Film Director : Joshua Moise

Actors : Richard Riehle, Cliff Chamberlain, Gary Houston, Anna Martemucci, Jack O’Connell, Will Blomker, Seth Lind, Audrey Francis, James Hamblin, Mason Hill, Bill Hagen, Elise Mayfield, Silas Bauer, Michel Weston, Steve Evans, Jesse Graham

Genre : Comedy:

Country : see more

Fairfield (2014)

When a peculiar infirmity without warning spreads prepared the town, Gabriel Cooper finds himself boxing given that his life…

Film Director : Mattheau O’Brien

Actors : Juliet Landau, Chris Riggi, Grant Rosenmeyer, Mia Pinchoff, Chris Bellant, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Archana Rajan, Lori Hamilton, Jack Buckley

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Run Time : 90 min

Country : USA see more

Missing Child (2014)

A tender woman, who under no circumstances knew her parents, discovers that she resembles an age-progressed snap inside a “Missing Child” listing…

Film Director : Luke Sabis

Actors : Kristen Ruhlin, Luke Sabis, Charles Gorgano, Jenifer Straley, Ryan A Maxwell, Ashley Avis

Genre : Drama

Run Time : USA:82 min see more