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Minky Momo: New Friend Kagira (2015)

Minky Momo (Gigi) must technique her supernatural powers to trim drink inside size, inside demands to accommodate her comrade Willy attempt evil ogres.

Film Director : Toshihiko more ...

Minky Momo: The Day the Magic Disappeared (2015)

When Minky Momo (Gigi) works into dreadful guys on a train, she looses her delightful pendant.

Film Director : Toshihiko Sato

Mode : Animation

Total Time : 82 more ...

Anahit (2014)

The King of Ancient Armenia Vachagan diminished inside friendliness plus Anahit. And to advantage her friendliness he must transform something more a king.

Film Director : Director is not more ...

The Evil Within (2014)

Film Director : Nabil Ayari

Mode : Animation, Horror

Total Time : 122 min

Territory : France more ...

Restored Me (2015)

A afflicted ex-con joins the colorful crew of an older movies with begins to reconstruct his life, hardly to hold his faith inside God tried while he learns stage he has grown to tenderness is not what more ...

Wish (2015)

Film Director : Cory Edwards

Mode : Animation

Total Time : USA:90 min

Territory : USA more ...

Caroline and the Magic Potion (2015)

Caroline dreams of a being alive packed with adventure. Then one and only day, moment in existence and her liberator Granny along with delicate pussycat Mus…

Film Director : more ...

El Almuerzo (2015)

Film Director : Javier Torre

Mode : Animation

Total Time : Less than, 120 minute

Territory : Argentina more ...

The Dead Poet (2015)

Film Director : Director is not available

Mode : Animation, Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Total Time : 45 min

Territory : Hungary more ...

Sabogal (2015)

A judicial thriller that removes us into a attractive visual planet where Sabogal, lawyer as at any rate as guy rights defender…

Film Director : Director is not available

Mode more ...