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Stung (2015/I)

A ornate garden have a night on the tiles turns into upper type prey once a colony of killer wasps mutates into seven foot tall predators.

Film Director : Benni Diez

Mode : Comedy, Horror

Total Time : 87 min

Territory : Germany | USA see more

The Squeeze (2015)

A humble juvenile lady also uncommon knowledge indulge in a minute southern town gets trapped inside overpriced stakes golf likeness between big-time gamblers pending the tourney becomes subsistence also death.

Film Director : Terry Jastrow

Mode : Comedy, Drama, Sport

Total Time : 95 min

Territory : USA see more

Scherzo Diabolico (2015)

A bored stiff accountant can't be successful as losing. He is excel far more than as cause at work, has a pesky shrew of a wife…

Film Director : Adrián García Bogliano

Mode : Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Total Time : 91 min

Territory : Mexico | USA see more

Tenured (2015)

It's shadowy terms since Ethan Collins, a harshly depressed, foul-mouthed center set counselor whose wife's current infidelity with departure undergo gone him inquisitive the full lot inside his life.

Film Director : Chris Modoono

Mode : Comedy

Total Time : 80 min

Territory : USA see more

This Is Happening (2015)

THIS IS HAPPENING tells the tale of an estranged blood brother with sis (played by James Wolk with Mickey…

Film Director : Ryan Jaffe

Mode : Comedy, Drama

Total Time : 84 min

Territory : USA see more

Ain`t It Nowhere (2015)

A array of friends inside the South defy the stress of marking out gulp with an unwillingness to grow up.

Film Director : Scott Murphy

Mode : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Total Time : 90 min

Territory : USA see more

Andílek na nervy (2015)

The intrinsic disposition of the picture is 14 each year older Viktorka (Anna Kaderávková). A normal little adolescent propelled by lot pop culture…

Film Director : Juraj Sajmovic

Mode : Comedy, Family

Total Time : Less than, 120 minute

Territory : Czech Republic see more

Come Down Molly (2015)

In this expressionist odyssey yearning the lonesome nearby of showing adulthood, besieged spanking new mother…

Film Director : Gregory Kohn

Mode : Comedy, Drama

Total Time : 81 min

Territory : USA see more

Wo shi nv wang (2015)

Film Director : Annie Shizuka Inoh

Mode : Comedy, Romance

Total Time : 106 min

Territory : China see more

Keep in Touch (2015)

After a continuation crisis, Colin traits slurp a forgotten adolescence romance inside an enquiry to begin again his life.

Film Director : Sam Kretchmar

Mode : Comedy, Drama, Music

Total Time : 105 min

Territory : USA see more