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A Larger Life (2015)

A miniature town lawyer, in addition to a more contented miniature town survival undertakes the major case of his occupation inside a hood of ruling he does't trot out opposition company defendants that certainly not lose.

Film Director : Bill Lundy

Mode : Drama

Total Time : 112 min

Territory : USA see more

Blur (2015/I)

infidelity could hide inside simple site.

Film Director : George D'Amato

Mode : Drama

Total Time : 70 min

Territory : Canada | USA see more

The Adderall Diaries (2015)

As a person who wrote it stymied by history success, writers block, items abuse, relationship setbacks as nonetheless as a staid compilation of father issues…

Film Director : Pamela Romanowsky

Mode : Drama, Romance, Thriller

Total Time : 87 min

Territory : USA see more

Kümes (2015)

Once upon a time, a four-child ilk lives inside tranquility as nonetheless as cool inside a lot village. Their peaceful…

Film Director : Ufuk Bayraktar

Mode : Drama

Total Time : 87 min | Turkey:86 min

Territory : Turkey see more

Come Down Molly (2015)

In this expressionist odyssey yearning the lonesome nearby of showing adulthood, besieged spanking new mother…

Film Director : Gregory Kohn

Mode : Comedy, Drama

Total Time : 81 min

Territory : USA see more

Keep in Touch (2015)

After a continuation crisis, Colin traits slurp a forgotten adolescence romance inside an enquiry to begin again his life.

Film Director : Sam Kretchmar

Mode : Comedy, Drama, Music

Total Time : 105 min

Territory : USA see more

Solitary (2015/III)

A uncomfortable mature person strives to assignment her ancient times in addition to reconnect also her estranged family.

Film Director : Sasha Krane

Mode : Drama

Total Time : 90 min

Territory : UK | USA see more

Bleeding Heart (2015)

A yoga instructor gives the look to protect her sex-worker aunt enjoys her deadbeat boyfriend.

Film Director : Diane Bell

Mode : Drama

Total Time : 80 min

Territory : USA see more

Bridgend (2015)

"Bridgend" follows Sara with her dad, Dave for they W Indian reach to a tiny village inside Bridgend County. The…

Film Director : Jeppe Rønde

Mode : Drama

Total Time : 95 min

Territory : Denmark see more

Don`t Worry Baby (2015)

A harassed photographer along with his philandering father unknowingly undergo a one-night podium in addition to the similar woman. Four life later, they determine that either one in every of one another could undergo fathered her daughter.

Film Director : Julian Branciforte

Mode : Comedy, Drama

Total Time : 88 min

Territory : USA see more