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Erdora: Kapitel 2 Der Schattenkrieger (2015)

Film Director : Director is not available

Mode : Fantasy

Total Time : Germany:73 min

Territory : Germany see more

Mara und der Feuerbringer (2015)

Mara Lorbeer, a fifteen once a year ancient girl, finds out that she has to unless the universe as the Norse god Loki is petrifying to break away of his chains.

Film Director : Tommy Krappweis

Mode : Fantasy

Total Time : Less than, 120 minute

Territory : Germany see more

Ghosthunters (2015/I)

They couldn't engagement supplementary different, the members of the trio that allies inside the struggle hostile an Ancient Ice Ghost (AIG): Tom…

Film Director : Tobi Baumann

Mode : Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Total Time : 99 min

Territory : Germany | Austria | Ireland see more

Danke schön Hitler (2014)

Film Director : Piero Galli

Mode : Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, War

Total Time : 90 min (DVD version)

Territory : Italy see more

Qui de loin semblent des mouches (2014)

A complicated friendliness yarn between two resurrected hitmen/women on the stream plus their war opposed to the omnipotent plus paranoid corporation that originated them.

Film Director : Director is not available

Mode : Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Thriller

Total Time : 91 min | 90 min

Territory : France see more

Raising Dragons (2014)

A boy learns of his dragon past; a missy has noticed of hers for the basis that years. They combine their faith, courage, also affection to overpower an evil slayer who struggles to transfer an full to dragon heritage, forever.

Film Director : Director is not available

Mode : Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Total Time : 119 min

Territory : USA see more

Eryka`s Eyes (2014)

Eryka travels to Spain savours the African Sahrawi refugee camps where she has been adding a documentary…

Film Director : Bruno Lazaro

Mode : Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Total Time : 95 min

Territory : Canada | Spain see more

The Hatching (2014)

On the demise of his father, Tim Webber earnings to his youth village inside Somerset to interpret something ominous is chilling the idyllic serenity of the villagers.

Film Director : Michael Anderson

Mode : Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

Total Time : 90 min

Territory : UK see more

Walking with the Ferryman (2014)

An spiritual fantasy inside which a grieving gay gentleman must open incredulous eyes to the anticipation of thrilling in addition to mythological worlds inside request to benefit chance for the motive that reconciliation along furthermore a friend off track to evident suicide.

Film Director : Adrian Hume Robinson

Mode : Drama, Fantasy

Total Time : 54 min

Territory : UK see more

A Maldição do Sanguanel (2014)

Four directors gives four installments with some ways to one among the various disturbing legends indulge in Brazil: the Sanguanel, a Italian soul who scared stiff European immigrants inside the 19th century.

Film Director : Director is not available

Mode : Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

Total Time : 71 min

Territory : Brazil see more