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Blood Red Christmas (2014)

Having found the slayed of her variety ten life before, a emotionally distracted adolescent grown grown-up person begins to investigate her own mentality while the killer comes oblige to haunt her.

Film Director : Director is not available

Mode : Horror

Total Time : Less than, 120 minute

Territory : USA see more

Shake Rattle & Roll XV (2014)

A scrote individual secretly lurks in a buy groceries mall. A heading is fed a meal that turns one another into monsters. An airplane hijacking is disturbed by the advent of a tiyanak.

Film Director : Director is not available

Mode : Horror

Total Time : 130 min

Territory : Philippines see more

Feng shui 2 (2014)

Long duration afterwards, succeeding Joy has final pointed out the Bagua mirror, a gentleman accepted Lester finds it making the equivalent happenings akin to whatsoever Joy had. It's unsleeping to Joy to give assistance to Lester hostile the anathema furthermore the terminal consequences.

Film Director : Chito S. Roño

Mode : Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Total Time : 100 min

Territory : Philippines see more

The Evil Within (2014)

Film Director : Nabil Ayari

Mode : Animation, Horror

Total Time : 122 min

Territory : France see more

Inner Demon (2014)

A teen missy is abducted by a battery killer duo furthermore manages to flee furthermore view cover inside a seasonal farmhouse, simply to find out it is household to bigger horrors furthermore a malevolent spirit.

Film Director : Ursula Dabrowsky

Mode : Horror, Thriller

Total Time : 84 min

Territory : Australia see more

Gilgamesh (2014)

A defense force excursion inside Siberia disappeared wrong. The days of mankind is inside threat because Inanna, Sumerian goddess of lust in addition to drive has summoned a life-size meteor to exterminate the planet, subsequent to individual inadvertently compilation free of charge savours her more matured prison.

Film Director : Richard Chandler

Mode : Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi

Total Time : 103 min

Territory : USA see more

Dark Hearts (2014/II)

After running wasted a month earlier, Melissa Strogue wages home.

Film Director : Neal Edelstein

Mode : Horror, Thriller

Total Time : 180 min (approx.)

Territory : USA see more

The Reaping (2014)

Full synopsis »Awards:3 wins&11 nominationsSee more » Cast  Elena Alférez … MarielaFran Antón … SantosAlejandro Arestegui … FelipeMariano Estudillo … MateoÁlvaro Fontalba … TyrrellJonathan Galera … DerekAintzane Garreta … PatriciaManu Hernández … TomásBorja Inglés … BorjaSamy Khalil … DaríoIris López … SueJorge Monje … PabloAndrea Moral … NinaTomy Moreno … AlvinMarilyn Mosquera … see more

Into Dust (2014)

In a dystopian future, the universe is divorce into two sectors: The Poor, furthermore The Rich. They are ruled by…

Film Director : Gage Oxley

Mode : Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Total Time : 90 min (approx.)

Territory : UK see more

Knightmare (2014)

A prior shy dame writes a coming-of-age account commensurate with expensive school. The reunion will engagement the originally duration she comes personally along furthermore the stuffs of her book.

Film Director : Anthony Palma

Mode : Horror

Total Time : Less than, 120 minute

Territory : USA see more