I Was a Teenage Suicide (2012)

I Was A Teenage Suicide is an astonishing narrative that all and sundry may perhaps relate to: not knowing how to accept set off or proclaim goodbye. I Was A Teenage Suicide is a found footage, coming-of-age drama regarding a type of friends documenting their end summer collectively prior they the entirety set off their abundant routes to near their employments or burst off to school. It follows Jack Walters, who is the chief of his group. He starts to lose direct only once all and sundry inside his assortment has purposes as nonetheless as a future. This grass Jack the entirety by myself as nonetheless as he doesnt resembling it. Jack sabotages the entirety of his friends lives that he may perhaps inside demands to try out to take one another coming to pass him.
Film Director : Creep Creepersin

Actors : Felissa Rose, Dylan Vox, Crystal Rivers, Lilach Mendelovich, Creep Creepersin, James Cullen Bressack, Jason Maxim

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Country : USA